Bills paid on time, every time

Gobbill is a digital service that automates the payment of household and small business bills. To use Gobbill , users simply forward their email bills to their account. Gobbill checks for suspicious email bills and ensures that automatic bill payments are made on time, helping users avoid late fees, receive pay on-time discounts and protect their credit rating. Gobbill is a wholly owned and operated Australian company sponsored by Microsoft’s BizSpark program and is also a partner of the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online Initiative.

Meet the team


Shendon Ewans
CEO & Co-founder


Quentin Marsh
CTO & Co-founder


Galen Gan


Anthony Luvisetto
Chief Financial Officer


Simon Ewans
Software Engineer


Gabi Ceregra
Business Analyst

Stewardship of your data

Gobbill is a neutral consumer-focused organisation, securely processing bill payments and providing scam protection for our users. The information and data provided to us is kept securely in Australia by Gobbill and is not shared with, or sold to third parties. Gobbill is a privately funded organisation and does not receive funding from billers or other organisations.

Patents & Trademarks

Gobbill has filed several patents for processing email and photo bill payments, and the use of deep learning (artificial intelligence) for text extraction and fraud detection. “Gobbill”, “Bills gone” and our turkey brand mark are registered Australian trademarks of Gobbill Pty. Ltd.


Gobbill is a wholly owned privately held Australian company. In October 2016, Gobbill received an Angel round of investment from Gan Venture Capital. The Australian Taxation Office has also ruled that the company satisfies the requirements to be an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC). The ruling allows eligible investors in Gobbill significant tax benefits.



Australian Commonwealth Government Cyber Safety Program


Microsoft cloud hosting & technology services


Stone & Chalk financial services technology hub


Silverpond artificial intelligence and machine learning advisers


Stone & Chalk (Melbourne)

710 Collins Street, Docklands Victoria Australia 3008

Our Story

Patents filed in Australia and overseas

October 3, 2017

Gobbill has filed patents in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America for its innovative electronic bill processing system. Other territories to follow. The company has invested over 2 years in research and development of digitisation, fraud checking and payment automation technologies.

Gobbill joins Stone & Chalk fintech hub

September 10, 2017

Gobbill will be relocating to join fintech hub Stone & Chalk in October 2017. (Level 1, 459 Little Collins Street MELBOURNE)

Chief Financial Officer appointed

August 8, 2017

Gobbill has appoint Anthony Luvisetto BBus(Acct)(Fin) BA CPA as its new CFO. Anthony is an experienced company accountant having worked for organisations such as World Vision Australia.

ATO ruled that Gobbill is an Early Stage Innovation Company

May 16, 2017

The ATO ruled that Gobbill is an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) which provided tax benefits to Gobbill’s investor(s).

Gobbill debuted its new online service to pay email bills

April 26, 2017

We released our FREE digital service to the Australian public to automatically pay their email bills.

A new brand image and office

April 4, 2017

Gobbill had a brand refresh keeping the turkey logo as a reminder of where we started. We also moved into our new office to be closer to our Deep Learning & AI technical colleagues.  

We started hiring…

November 14, 2016

We started to hire and grow. First a software engineer, then a digital marketing coordinator.

An Angel investor!

October 26, 2016

Angel investor Galen Gan invested into the business helping us take it to the next level.

Testing and more testing

February 1, 2016

Over 18 months, further research, development and testing occurred as BETA Phase 1 (Feb 2016)  and Phase 2 (May 2016). The different phases helped to refine the product based on customer feedback.

A prototype was built

September 7, 2015

Within six months of an idea, the first working prototype was ready for testing and feedback.

Australian patent was filed

August 10, 2015

An Australian provisional patent for Gobbill’s technology was filed in August 2015 while the founders continued their research and development activities. The patent evolved into two new patents in December 2016.

Microsoft helps out

July 29, 2015

Gobbill receives support from Microsoft after joining the BizSpark program for startups. This meant we could run our technology on Microsoft FREE over three years.

Gobbill was incorporated as a company

July 1, 2015

The founders self-backed the startup and after several months of research, Gobbill was incorporated in July 2015.

An idea was born

March 31, 2015

Founders Shendon Ewans and Quentin Marsh were catching up and started comparing how each one paid their household bills. They discovered how vastly different their approaches were. Quentin was strictly digital. He wanted every bill delivered via email but had to action it immediately otherwise he would forget or lose them. Shendon was predominately paper based. He would receive most of his bills by mail and once they were paid, he would file them in his shoe-box. Both methods wasted time and had flaws. They decided that there must be a better way – just take the email bills, store them digitally and pay them before its due date. Imagine having your own robot assistant working away in the background dealing with your bills for you. The idea of Gobbill was born!

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