Digital Finance Assistant for automatic payments, active scam protection, One Click Switch™ to save & reward maximisation.

Gobbill™ is a digital finance assistant that automates bill payments using artificial intelligence for small businesses and households. Users are protected from online scams, avoid late fees, maximise discounts and protect their credit rating scores. Small businesses have the additional benefit of digitising invoices, scheduling payments and synchronising data with their accounting software.

After 2 years of R&D, the company launched its automated bill payment process for public use. It is now investing further R&D in AI to help customers easily switch service providers and save money using its One-Click-Switch method.

Founded in 2015, Gobbill can pay bills issued from any Australian provider including utilities, telecommunications, council rates, insurance and more. Gobbill is a Microsoft Startup sponsored company, a partner of the Australian Government’s cyber safety initiative, AI partner of Silverpond and member of Stone & Chalk.

Meet the team


Shendon Ewans
CEO & Co-founder


Quentin Marsh
CTO & Co-founder


Galen Gan


Anthony Luvisetto
Chief Financial Officer


Simon Ewans
Software Engineer


Gabi Ceregra
Business Analyst

Stewardship of your data

Gobbill is a neutral consumer-focused organisation, securely processing bill payments and providing scam protection for our users. The information and data provided to us is kept securely in Australia by Gobbill and is not shared with, or sold to third parties. Gobbill is a privately funded organisation and does not receive funding from billers or other organisations.


Gobbill is a wholly owned privately held Australian company. In October 2016, Gobbill received an Angel round of investment from Gan Venture Capital. The Australian Taxation Office has also ruled that the company satisfies the requirements to be an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC). The ruling allows eligible investors in Gobbill significant tax benefits.


Stone & Chalk (Melbourne)

710 Collins Street, Docklands Victoria Australia 3008



Australian Commonwealth Government Cyber Safety Program


Microsoft cloud hosting & technology services


Stone & Chalk financial services technology hub


Silverpond artificial intelligence and machine learning advisers