Gobbill's Early Stage Investment Round.

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Founders Quentin Marsh (Left) and Shendon Ewans (Right)

We waste countless hours every year managing our bills and admin. Being time poor, we are unlikely to shop around and switch to better deals even if we could save hundreds of dollars each year. 

Imagine a digital finance assistant that works in the background, managing your bills, protecting you from scams and ensuring that you are on the best deal for what you are paying for.

We initially built Gobbill to solve this life admin problem for ourselves, our family and friends.  However, more people approached us with the same problem and we soon realised that Gobbill could help other busy households and small businesses as well. 

Today Gobbill aims to give time back to millions of small business owners and households so they can spend it on the things that matter.

Expressions of interest in our Early Stage Investment Round has closed.

Shendon Ewans & Quentin Marsh

Founders of Gobbill

Let Gobbill manage your bills.

Sign up to Gobbill in seconds and receive your @gobbill email address.

Add the card you would like to use to pay your bills.

Forward bills to your Gobbill email address. We'll take it from here!

Best Tech Award Finalist

Looking after bills is a chore. Gobbill uses new automation technology to take care of it for you.

As seen in

"I used to spend hours paying bills and invoices at work. Thanks to Gobbill I have more free time to focus on running my business."

Paul O'Keefe

11.7 million small businesses are wasting time and money on accounting and payments. 

(AU, NZ & UK)

Innovative Startup

Innovative start-up with patent-pending artificial intelligence and automation technologies used to solve life admin challenges.

Potential to Scale & Grow

Excellent domestic and international market opportunities for Gobbill. Signed global distribution and partnership agreements to scale our service offering.

Significant Tax Benefits

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free for eligible investors under the ATO ESIC scheme which Gobbill received a private ruling in 2017.

"I don't need to worry about bills or email scams anymore! When I'm overseas or catching up with friends back home, I know Gobbill is taking care of things for me."



14.7 million busy individuals and households wanting protection from email scams and control over bill payments.

(AU, NZ & UK)

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