New features in Gobbill

July 9th, 2019 Posted by Product Features 0 thoughts on “New features in Gobbill”

New feature update as of 9 July 2019

Gobbill’s technical team is working on new features and publishes the changes everyday. You can imagine there would be plenty of small and large changes being made each day.

Here are some significant ones to note:

  • Gobbill robots fetch bills stored online to save you time.
  • Multiple documents and document types attached to one email can be sent into Gobbill for processing.
  • Documents awaiting processing by Gobbill due to checks are displayed as “Pending documents” in Gobbill.
  • Bill payment cut off times extended from 6pm to midnight.

Gobbill can now pay over 40,000 Australian billers and uses robots to fetch bills stored online. Some billers will send a notification that a bill is ready online. Instead of clicking on the link, forward the notification to Gobbill to do it for you. Gobbill currently has robots which will safely and securely fetch from online sources bills/invoices from their associated portals. E.g. City West Water, Sydney Water, Energy Australia, AGL Energy, Xero invoices and more..Robot automation saves you time and also helps to prevent you from clicking on malware or being directed to a fake website.

Gobbill is now able to accept multiple invoice/bill attachments and multiple types of documents in an email. Previously, Gobbill required each invoice to be on its separate email.

Documents awaiting processing by Gobbill due to fraud check or text recognition are displayed as in Gobbill as “Pending documents”.

Bill payment cutoff time is now midnight instead of 6pm. This is the cut off time for bills to be included in the next business day’s payment processing. If  a bill is sent into Gobbill and accepted before midnight, it will be included in the payment processing the next business day or scheduled before the due date depending on the circumstances and preferences.