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For busy individuals and smaller households to automate bill payments.
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Unlimited past bill storage
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Frequently asked questions

Is Gobbill free?

Yes, Gobbill is free! Our free Gobbill plan has a number of handy options for users, including 5 bill payments per month, an authorised email address and two linked credit or debit cards. If you need more flexibility with your bill payments, Gobbill for Personal Use will be launched later this year. This service will offer a number of new features, including the option to process photo bills, more bill payments, linked credit/debit cards and authorised email addresses. *Gobbill will launching new pricing on 1 July 2018. More details here*

Which bills can I pay using Gobbill?

Any Australian biller that accepts card payments online. Our team performs checks on whether a biller is a legitimate business located in Australia. We accept bills from Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, Energy Australia, GloBird Energy, Momentum Energy, Sydney Water, Yarra Valley Water and many more….(See list of billers)

Is Gobbill safe and secure?

 Yes, Gobbill is has been designed and tested to meet Australian industry standards for securing personal information and credit cards. All of our employees are located in Melbourne, Australia.

Which payment methods can I use with Gobbill?

Any Australian issued Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards. As a number of billers do not accept American Express cards, your first and default card in Gobbill must be a Visa or Mastercard. Your second stored card can be an American Express for use with billers that accept Amex. Gobbill will enable payments using your bank account and other methods in the future.

When is the latest I can forward a bill for payment with Gobbill?

 The latest you can forward a bill for automated payment with Gobbill is midnight two business days before the due date. For example, if the bill due date is Wednesday 5th April, then Gobbill must receive it before 12:00am Monday 3rd April.

Why is Gobbill better than direct debit?

Gobbill automates your bill payments, while giving users control over their finances. Want to change your payment details? Easy, update it in the Gobbill system. Looking to cancel a payment? No need to contact your bank, just change the payment details in your account.

It can be time consuming to contact individual billers to change your direct debit details when a card is lost, stolen or expired.

Other issues with direct debit:

  • Cancelling a direct debit can be a difficult process.
  • Billers often continue to debit your card and are slow to react to customer communication after cancelling a direct debit.
  • If the bill amount is higher than expected or if your bank account does not contain sufficient funds to cover the bill amount, you may be charged a fee.
  • Read our blog post about direct debit 

Gobbill aims to reverse the process, giving the customer control of bill amounts and payments.

What does Gobbill do with my data?

Gobbill is a neutral consumer-focused organisation, securely processing bill payments and providing scam protection for users. The information and data you provide is kept securely in Australia by Gobbill and is not shared with, or sold to third parties. Gobbill is a privately funded organisation and does not receive funding from billers. More information is detailed in our privacy policy.

Can Gobbill process credit card debts or loans?

Users are unable to process credit card payments or loans through Gobbill.

Can I send photo bills to Gobbill?

Currently Gobbill does not process photo bills. We are currently working on adding this feature to be available in the first half of 2018.

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