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EnergyAustralia dragged into major phishing scam

June 21st, 2017 Posted by Alerts, Internet Safety, Staysmartonline 0 thoughts on “EnergyAustralia dragged into major phishing scam”

EnergyAustralia is being impersonated by cyber criminals in a malware campaign reports  IDG ARN. EnergyAustralia has become the second local energy provider caught up in a major email phishing scam after a “large volume” of malicious emails recently began hitting Australian inboxes, according to email security company, MailGuard.

The Melbourne-based company said the realistic-looking email masquerades as an invoice from the energy company, advising customers that the invoice is due in the coming days. Read more at ARN. EnergyAustralia has also issued their own warnings of the fake bills and provided advice to check on the source/sender of the email. Read more at EnergyAustralia.


The University of Melbourne interviews Gobbill co-founder Shendon Ewans

June 11th, 2017 Posted by Business Management, Featured, Gobbill News, Startup 0 thoughts on “The University of Melbourne interviews Gobbill co-founder Shendon Ewans”

The University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School interviews 2014 Master of Enterprise graduate Shendon Ewans about making bill payments a breeze. He shares about co-founding Gobbill with Quentin Marsh, his masters degree and management tips. “Have a go. You won’t know until you do. You’d be surprised at how many people are supportive and keen to help.”

To read more, visit https://fbe.unimelb.edu.au/newsroom/adding-to-your-bill


Life Hack Tip #1 – Use robots to pay your bills. You have better things to do

June 5th, 2017 Posted by Featured, Financial Management, Gobbill News, Time Management 0 thoughts on “Life Hack Tip #1 – Use robots to pay your bills. You have better things to do”

Our team of software robots love paying bills. Humans have better things to do like watch Netflix and cat videos online. They can even go on holidays, spend time with their family…and much more. Why not flick ’em to Gobbill. Bills gone. Watch Life Hack Tip #1.

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