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It’s easy to use Gobbill to manage your bills…but at times you might have questions. We’re here to help! Our dedicated team is based in Australia and available to support you during business hours.

You can also access our support portal to submit a support request or read through our helpful FAQs.

Board Members and Advisers

Shendon Ewans

CEO & Co-founder

Quentin Marsh

COO/CTO & Co-founder

Galen Gan


Anthony Luvisetto

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Jaworski

General Counsel

Mark Danaro


Jon Williams


A/Prof Jia-Yee Lee


Michael Pollitt


About Gobbill

Gobbill is a bill payment automation service that creates efficiencies for businesses and individuals saving them time and money whilst protecting them from scams and fraud. The end-to-end payment automation platform gives users maximum control over payments with minimal effort. The service digitises invoices, checks for fraud and clears payments, saving up to 70% of time in accounts payable.

Leveraging 6 years of R&D, Gobbill can pay bills issued from over 40,000 Australian providers. The company is sponsored by Microsoft, a partner of the Australian Government’s cyber safety initiative, AI partner of Silverpond and member of Stone & Chalk. Gobbill is an Authorised Representative (1261196) of Australian Financial Services Licence Holder (448066) and registered National Disability Insurance Scheme Provider (4050064402).

Stewardship of your data

As a neutral consumer-focused organisation, Gobbill securely processes bill payments and provided scam protection for our users. The information and data provided to us is kept securely in Australia by Gobbill and is not sold to third parties.


Gobbill is a wholly owned privately held Australian company funded by the founders and a number of Angel investors.

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