Beware of Google Docs phishing scam

May 4th, 2017 Posted by Alerts, Staysmartonline 0 thoughts on “Beware of Google Docs phishing scam”

Users are warned to be aware of a reported phishing scam involving a fake invitation to share a Google Docs document.

The scam sees a user receive a legitimate-looking email that may appear to be from a trusted contact inviting them to share a document on Google Docs.

Users who click on the link are directed to screens that request permission for a malicious service to access their email account, contacts and other sensitive information. If a user grants permission, the malicious service can impersonate the user when sending messages on to other Google email users.

Users may also face the risk of having information and messages from their email accounts compromised.

The scam reportedly targets Google personal and corporate email accounts.

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Source: Beware of Google Docs phishing scam | Stay Smart Online