How to get the most from your billers

April 10th, 2017 Posted by Featured, Financial Management, Internet Safety 0 thoughts on “How to get the most from your billers”

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that you are paying more than someone else for the same service or receiving a late fee.  Save your households hundreds dollars each year, just by following these 4 simple money-saving tips.

Monitor your bill amounts. Take back financial power and avoid any unwanted surprises by monitoring your bills. Billers can get it wrong, so it’s best to avoid direct debits and have a quick look over your bills before allowing a payment to be made. Gobbill has been analysing bills from a wide range of billers over the last year, finding numerous billing errors for our customers.

Shop around. Allocate just ten minutes every few months to research and see if there are better plans, services and payment options available to you. Ensure you visit non-biased comparison websites such as privatehealth.gov.au and Victorian Energy Compare. Avoid commercial comparison websites that receive commissions from telco companies, energy providers and banks.

Protect your cyber self. According to The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australians lost over $229 million in 2015 through scams. With email phishing becoming increasingly personalised, the need for security is on the rise. Protect yourself by avoiding links in emails. Fake email bills can often look legitimate, but they will link to unfamiliar payment sites to capture your credit card details.

Pay your bills through an automated payments platform. A busy lifestyle can often mean that we don’t have time to waste on admin and bill payments. Our email accounts are typically cluttered with bills, being easily lost and forgotten due to an overwhelming amount of content. Get yourself organised with a bill payment platform like Gobbill, a convenient alternative to manual bill payment. Gobbill’s automated system offers direct bill payment from a nominated credit or debit card within one day of the due date, giving you the ability to review upcoming bills, reduce time spent on managing payments and earn those pay-on-time discounts. Gobbill also has the ability to decipher bill legitimacy to protect you from potential bill scams, while maintaining your online privacy and personal control over payments. Simply let Gobbill check your bill and pay it on time for you.

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