myprosperity and Gobbill sign global deal to offer automated bill payment services to households.

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Melbourne, Australia 5th June 2018 – Award winning financial wealth management platform myprosperity and bill payment automation company Gobbill today announced a commercial alliance.

The partnership will see Gobbill offer a version of its digital service through the myprosperity platform, providing seamless bill payment and management services to households currently using the platform in Australia and overseas.

CEO of myprosperity, Chris Ridd, said the deal would create value for its customers, saving time and money on bill payments, as well as providing protection against an increasing number of bill scams.

“With myprosperity we are creating an integrated platform where advisers and their clients can come together to manage and collaborate on their entire financial world. We do this by creating an open and diverse ecosystem of partners whose products and services enhance the financial lives of our customers. As a leading innovator in automated bill payments, we’re excited to be working with Gobbill to streamline another critical element of a client’s financial world, their bills.”

Shendon Ewans, CEO and Co-founder of Gobbill, said the deal would enable the company to reach an important customer segment to offer its bill payment services within an established and trusted platform.

“myprosperity is a rapidly growing company that has successfully established a trusted platform and ecosystem of financial advisors, accountants, and other service providers. Our companies are aligned in their values, customer segments and strategic direction.”

The partnership with myprosperity supports Gobbill’s growth strategy to increase the use of its product through key partners, expand internationally and position itself as the global leader in bill payment automation.


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About Gobbill Australia

Gobbill™ is a digital finance assistant that automates bill payments using artificial intelligence for households and small businesses. Users are protected from online scams, avoid late fees, maximise discounts and protect their credit rating scores. Small businesses have the additional benefit of digitising invoices, scheduling payments and synchronising data with their accounting software.

After two years of R&D, the company launched its automated bill payment process for public use. It is now investing further R&D in AI to help customers easily switch service providers and save money using its One-Click-Switch™ method.

Founded in 2015, Gobbill can pay bills issued from any Australian provider including utilities, telecommunications, council rates, insurance and more. Gobbill is a Microsoft Startup sponsored company, a partner of the Australian Government’s cyber safety initiative, AI partner of Silverpond and member of Stone & Chalk.

For further information, see gobbill.com.au or contact the team at: gobbill@gobbill.com.au

For media inquiries, contact Account Director, Laura Blue at: laura@launchlink.co


About myprosperity

myprosperity is a cloud-based personal wealth platform that makes it easy for accountants and advisers to help their clients get their financial world – sorted. Available on desktop and as a mobile app, myprosperity is a whitelabel wealth portal that boasts live data feeds and digital doc signing, as well as budgeting, cashflow and goal setting tools for an integrated all-in-one approach to personal finance.

Founded in 2011, the company is now the leading personal wealth platform in Australia. In March 2018, myprosperity was awarded Financial Advice Innovator of the Year at the Fintech Business Awards.

For further information, see myprosperity.com.au or contact media:  support@myprosperity.com.au