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Gobbill launches its Partner Program for Bookkeepers & Accountants

April 26th, 2019 Posted by Gobbill News, Product Features 0 thoughts on “Gobbill launches its Partner Program for Bookkeepers & Accountants”
Melbourne, Australia 4th April 2019 –  We at Gobbill are excited to launch a Partner Program for Bookkeepers & Accountants to help automate invoice data entry, protect against fraud/malware, auto-pay invoices using card and bank accounts.
Gobbill helps partners to:
  • Streamline payment approval workflows
  • No more aba files, manual BPAY & credit/debit card payments
  • Reduce Internet banking logins and passwords
It’s a great solution for cyber-security and data privacy conscious bookkeepers that value information remaining in Australia.

We are an Australian owned and operated company based in the Victorian Government Innovation Hub. We are a proud partner of the AAT (Australia), ACCC – cyber safety initiative and are sponsored by Microsoft.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Partners benefit from:

  • Complimentary Business account to make your life easier,
  • Access to wholesale pricing for your customers,
  • Dedicated account manager,
  • Priority Australian based support, and
  • Influence Gobbill’s product roadmap.
Australian Taxation Office says “Gobbill’s email bill innovation is the first holistic product that provides end-to-end processing using a digital service platform that includes the detection of fraudulent bills…”

Find out more gobbill.com/partner

Federal Budget 2019, Innovation is taking a backseat and Australia is losing out.

April 8th, 2019 Posted by Financial Management, Gobbill News, Startup 0 thoughts on “Federal Budget 2019, Innovation is taking a backseat and Australia is losing out.”

Bill payment automation company Gobbill is seeing more small businesses doing it tougher drawing on reserves to meet their payables. The 2019 Federal Budget may be good for some small businesses but certainly lacks investment in innovation. The increased instant asset tax write-off may help bricks and mortar type businesses but is unlikely to help high-tech innovative companies using scalable cloud processing and other subscription-based services.

There should have been more support and a broader view of R&D as new fields and methods of engineering and scientific development have emerged and do not necessarily fit the traditional R&D models. A different lens should be applied to larger corporations conducting R&D compared to start-ups, especially in incubators and accelerators.

Australia is competing with the rest of the world and we’re losing out. For example, the UK provides entrepreneurs with a personal relief tax rate of 10%. In addition, Australia has also loosely copied the UK Enterprise Investment Scheme to help attract early stage funding but we could do much better.

Watch full interview of Frank Labs’ Senior Advisor Jasmine Koh interviews Gobbill CEO Shendon Ewans about the Federal Budget impact on Small Businesses and Startups.

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